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Starting any endeavor, you know that it entails a lot of reading, lots of research, a clear vision (a vision of any kind really) and in some cases a Plan B. Not to mention well, a big leap of faith. Faith that you have what it takes, or faith that you will get there eventually and a big dose of faith that people will be interested in what you are pitching.

So, here I am holding my big leap of faith close thinking of what to write. Thinking that my vision is about ‘sharing’ my moments, my family’s moments, my moments that matter to me and in some cases, moments that make us think about all that we have and not about what we don’t have or need to have.

As I mentioned in my bio, fibromyalgia plays a role in my family’s life. Some days are better than others and the past few days were the not better than others days. But, it has been through this illness that I have understood more and appreciated more that life is not about the perfectly clean house, or the manicured yard (including no dandelions), or the absence of dirty clothes in the house. Rather it is about the love and support of family.
Getting sweet kisses and tender touches (from his one and only cure everything – green blanket) from my kiddo makes my heart melt. Or getting him to enjoy doing the laundry makes my heart sing.

And let’s not leave out him fixing his specialty, Kraft M&C for his favorite gal. These are the moments that making dealing with this painful syndrome the most rewarding.

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