Tucking in bed …

Thursday evening … I am tucking my kiddo in bed for the night and we are reminiscing about our day.

At one point, he says to me “You really are a great mom on the inside.  I know I have said you are a mean mom when I get angry, but you are just mean on the outside, and on the inside you are a super great mom and I really love you”.   To which I replied “Hmmm, OK.  Thanks, I love you too kiddo!”.  XOXO

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  1. Lisa

    I get told I am a mean Gigi every single day, but then she will come around later to hug me or sugar me……………..makes everything all better……..well until I ask her to clean up her mess!
    They know were good people, just have to set us straight on ocassion, LOL!


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