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The CoLOr RuN fUn …

I do not consider myself a runner… by any stretch of the imagination.  And by default only, I am a walker that clocks around 10,000 step a day (that’s about 3.5 miles).  So, when a friend suggested we register for The 5K Color Run in our town… I did just that!  (and I signed my kiddo up too).
Not being a runner and instantly registering for a 5k was crazy talk… that is until I watched the color run video advertisement and I was hooked.  How could so much walking be so much gosh darn fun??
Well, let me tell ya folks.  The Color Run does not get its name without the presence of color that is for sure! And baby … we got color.
Five colors to be exact and as a bonus, one of the packets of color were in each of our registration packets.
To keep the runners (and walkers too) so motivated (this is my theory and I’m sticking to it) was to douse each person with as much or as little color as desired at each Kilometer along the route.
First we were hit with orange, and then came pink.  Now, I’m slowing and trying to keep my super seven-year old motivated when up next was yellow.  And then there was the home stretch of blue (looked more like purple if you asked me).  None the less, we were all covered in color from head to toe to armpits to underwear to places not discovered until I jumped in the shower.
We are now fast approaching the finish line where we had our own packets of color to disburse as we saw fit (in my case all over my friends face strictly by accident mind you and on my kiddo).  And believe you me – they were not complaining!  They wore their color filled faces and skin and hair proudly as a clear sign that we all just finished a 5K! Woo Hoo!
We had an unbelievable great time and this will forever go down in our history books as the funnest 5K walk/run ever.  (and for a wonderful cause too).
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8 thoughts on “The CoLOr RuN fUn …

    1. Sharon Post author

      Thank you Dawn! The color run really was a great time. Nice and kid friendly and each color station helped us get through the 5K. My kiddo loved being doused with color too! the more the better he said. maybe this year. We will mostly likely do it again. ~Sharon

  1. Lisa

    This looks like a ton of fun Sharon!! I wonder if Dallas or Fort Worth has one, I’ll have to check!!! Great pictures!!

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