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Where summer meets autumn ….

It’s that time of year again, when Summer meets Autumn, apple picking season returns, smores become a major food group, OSU Buckeye football is on {and yes I bleed scarlet and gray}, the swimming pool is gearing down for closing and the kids are back in school.

Many have asked me if I was ready for school to start… and I emphatically replied no!  I love spending weekends at the pool soaking up vitamin D, reading a good book or two or three, not having to fight with my kiddo about homework every night or him being up past his bed time or the fact my baby boy will be in 2nd grade!! Yes, that’s right folks, I said 2nd grade.  I am way to young to have a second grader {and no snickering}.

So when I asked my kiddo if he was excited about starting school, he emphatically replied yes! When asked what exactly he was excited about, his first remark was excited to see his friends {OK….he had seen his friends all summer long at the pool} and that church would not be so boring because he would be able to receive Communion {shhh, don’t tell him that will not be until the end of the school year}.

What he failed to tell me, however is that {he thinks} he no longer needs his mother.  I prepped him for two days beforehand that I would be taking pictures on the first day of school to which he replied “fine”.  Yet, I get just one picture snapped and out comes the attitude and the frown and the pain and torturing body expressions and the look of pure embarrassment that his mother actually wanted to stand next to him and share a proud moment.  Instead, seemed I was encroaching on his turf with his boys and the land of the testosterone.  I was welcomed by my son as much as a shoe salesman is welcomed at a grateful dead concert. It wasn’t happening folks.

So, while I thought I was being a great mother by taking my kiddo to his first day of school and offering up moral support, I was really just catching up all on the latest with the other moms and dads who were in the same boat as me!  At least the pool is open for another two weeks!

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6 thoughts on “Where summer meets autumn ….

  1. Meghan

    Great post, and great pics! Glad you got some photos this morning, attitude and all. I can’t believe he’s in 2nd grade!

    1. Sharon Post author

      Thanks Meghan!! Crazy how fast things happen. Trying to slow down and enjoy the ride. Best of luck to your kindergartener today! Woohoo!!

  2. Carol Graham

    They all looked so excited. Love the blue back pack. And of course he was smiling when he didn’t know you were taking his picture.

  3. Momo Fali

    I did not get the camo backpack memo! I’m probably going to be in trouble for that with my 4th grader.

    Now, just be thankful you don’t have a girl. At least with testosterone you know what you’re going to get, girls are ALL OVER THE MAP. Hormones are awesome.

    1. Sharon Post author

      LOL! Your 4th grader was eyeing my camera so I asked to take his picture and was turned down … again. I am considering myself very lucky at this point on the whole boy thing, just didnt think I had to give up motherhood so soon. and PS… I loved the coffee cup carrying this am.

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