Hodgepodge Wednesday v.3

I can hardly believe a week has passed since my last installment of Hodgepodge, and what a lot a week brings.  Here are my answers to this week’s questions.  Be sure to check out the hop questions and founder at From This Side of the Pond.  Meanwhile,

1. Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 10th, and 2013 is the year of the snake. When did you last see a snake? Are you okay around snakes or do they give you the shivers? I love animals, almost all kinds of animals.  But snakes sending me screaming and reeling.  Yes for real, just ask my brothers.  Just the sound the word S.N.A.K.E makes, makes my skin crawl.

2. The color red in Chinese culture usually means good luck. Do you believe in luck? Yes I do.  I think a person can make their luck in life by the choices they make, but the probability of drawing all six lottery numbers is plain and simple pure luck. (Note to self: wear my lucky red undies when purchasing my lottery ticket).

3. sledding-ice skating-building a snowman…if given a choice, which activity would you choose? Which of the three have you done most recently? It has been years since I found myself on a sled and couldn’t even begin to know the last time I ice skated.  But with all the snow the Midwest has received, I have built my fair share of lovely snow men and snow ladies. And once finished with our snow couple, snow angels are the ending to a perfect pair.

4. Ralph Waldo Emerson is credited as saying, “The years teach much which the days never knew.” Where have you seen this quote played out in your own life?  Hindsight I think is 20/20.  When I think about the day I became a mother not knowing the first thing about newborn babies and now seven years later I feel like an old pro. But it didn’t just happen overnight, or days. I think the learning process takes time and nothing that could have happened in days.

5. When was the last time you ate a cupcake? Not today so it’s been way too long!

6. What’s something you can’t say no to? Hugs from my kiddo!

7. Are you a doodler? I am very much a doodler.  I have too many thoughts in the brain that no piece of paper is safe.

8. Insert your own random thought here.  I know it is just the start of February but I am so ready for Summer.  I want to be hot. I want to be sitting pool side with a drink and a book tanning myself. I hate this cold weather.







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  1. jodaley

    I’m in the northeast so we’re waiting on a blizzard as I type. I think I’m going to need to bake cupcakes to get through it : )

    1. Sharon (Post author)

      Oh no… Hope you have all the comforts for staying warm and feed and safe. Making cupcakes sounds great! Thanks for stopping by. ~Sharon


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