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We Love City Barbeque (BBQ) Do You?

City Barbeque (BBQ) Giveaway|Sharon the Moments Blog

Update 08/05/2014:  Congratulations to our 2 winners Kayla and Tonya!  Thank you all for following and entering!

We Love our City Barbeque … Do you?

Here we are enjoying the last several days of July and welcoming traditionally the hottest month in the Midwest, August!

City Barbeque (BBQ) Giveaway|Sharon the Moments Blog

If your family is anything like mine, we forget about household chores on those super hot days and enjoy hitting the pool in the evenings after work or even spending the day on the weekends poolside.  I certainly don’t think about what I am fixing for dinner .

  City Barbeque (BBQ) Giveaway|Sharon the Moments Blog

With many convenient locations around town, I love that we can stop by our local City BBQ location, pick up dinner that is both delicious and affordable!

On the run?  No worries, take your order to go.  Or maybe celebrate family night with a City BBQ picnic in one of your local Metro Parks.  City BBQ also caters, so leave the cooking to them.  Such a treat any day of the week.

So no matter how you like your barbeque, you will love City Barbeque!!


What is your favorite City BBQ meal?  


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