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My Running Regiment Continues into the Spring

Here we are on the verge of Spring and my running regiment continues.  In the Midwest, the warmer weather is trying to break through but Mother Nature still has some fight left in her.  Seems the sunny days are outnumbered by less than ideal spring temperatures, but regardless, my running is in full swing.

The Running Regiment Continues into the Spring Scioto Miles 5K|Sharon the Moments Blog

I will be the first to admit it is hard to stay focused on exercise/training when the weather is frigid outside but I am proud to say aloud I pushed through.  Fighting the urge to hibernate was a daily occurrence so I decided I needed to find a way to keep myself motivated.  Being a beginner in navigating the world of running, I had heard talk of a workout class called HIIT.   Keeping in mind I had not seen this word (only heard it spoke), I was thinking to myself Who in their right mind attends a workout class where you are hit?  What this cannot be right.

I soon realized my fellow runners were talking about a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout.  I quickly learned that this type of workout, while not actually running, I would be raising my heart rate in intervals that could directly affect my running performance.

It seemed I cut back on the physical running, all while I began three days a week attending the new HIIT class.  I can honestly say, it wasn’t pretty, but we need to start somewhere, right? Once class ended, I left, wiping sweat from places on my body I have not seen in a while.  Nevertheless, it feel great to complete my first class (and between you and me … I will be back)!

One quick lesson I learned is my heart rate will sky-rocket (as it is supposed to do) and I need to stay within my heart rate (HR) range.  {Talking with your doctor to determine what your own personal HR is will keep you healthy and reduce the risk of injury}.

I like to wear my Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) so I was often checking my watch to ensure I maintain my safe heart rate.  After several classes, I am able to determine my max HR just by how I am feeling.  I have even been able to increase my intensity level through my progression of classes and still maintain my safe ideal HR.

After about six classes, I had to opportunity to test my endurance at the Scioto Mile(s) Spring Training Series.  I had previously registered for this 5K run so I knew I would at least be able to complete the race, but this run I had set a goal to increase my mile pace and my overall finish time.


The Running Regiment Continues into the Spring Scioto Miles 5K|Sharon the Moments Blog


My mile pace race was about a fourteen mile minute and I finished for an overtime time of 46:43.  Not my best time and I was certainly feeling deflated.  As with any day, I had to remind myself that with anything, some days are better than others and in the running arena, this proved to be no different.  Dealing with my Asthma, I have learned that some factors are out of my control.  Even though I use my daily inhaler every morning and I use my rescue inhaler before every race; the humidity and temperature do play a huge part in my breathing and will untimely affect my run time.  Today was no different.

The Running Regiment Continues into the Spring Scioto Miles 5K|Sharon the Moments Blog

However, no matter my finish time, the important thing for me to remember is I crossed the finish line!

The Running Regiment Continues into the Spring Scioto Miles 5K|Sharon the Moments Blog

I earned it… I did it … I didn’t give up and I will continue with my running adventure because I can and because I enjoy it. 


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