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Running Journal

Thank you for joining me in as I share in my running journal.   I recently made a huge lifestyle change … I was tired of cheering for friends from the sidelines; watching them participating in fun races and reaping the benefits of being physical fit as they crossed the finish line of a 5K.  I didn’t like the fact my physical inability keep me at bay from sharing in these adventures or from enjoying life to its fullest {and I certainly wasn’t happy with the way my clothes fit either}.  I was tired of doing more running (around) for my kiddo then I was taking care of myself and I was just plain sick and tire of being sick and tired.  I felt as if I hit a brick wall with my physical ability and the only way past this hurdle was up and over.

My first step was acknowledging I wanted changes in my life; that I wanted to be a healthier more active person but wasn’t sure exactly on how I was going to get the job done.   Next I knew I wanted to improve my appearance into a fit, strong and lean woman who was taking a sincere interest of my own aging body.

I truly thought my age, my {semi controlled} asthma and my Fibromyalgia pain would prohibit me from becoming a runner.  I never even considered the possibility {or was afraid to dream} I too could run a 5K or better yet simply run for the sheer enjoyment.  It was my thought the only time you would find me running was if someone was chasing me and I was in fear of my life.

Then one day, I had seen an advertisement for what seemed to be a super fun 5K Run in my city and thought I can do this ….  Yes, I can do this!  So I laced up my shoes, bought a warm pair of running leggings, downloaded a running training app on my phone, pulled up my big girl pants and moved one foot in front of the other until I was running or at least walking and running for thirty minutes three times a week.

For more of my trials, challenges and triumphs, please follow in my Running Journal as I tell about the miles traveled, the learning to become a better running and proving to myself that despite the odds, I too can say … I’m a Runner!

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