Project Photography {Meg} …

Starting this new series of segment posts about people that <for whatever reason> have traveled right through the front door of my life, begins with Meg.

I remember the day I had first seen her <and she had first seen us>.  She and her husband were looking to buy the house right next door and become our neighbors as they were looking over the house.  What she will tell you about the first time she had seen us, was witnessing my (then three year old) son standing in his birthday suit outside our front door watching her … watch us.  Lucky for us, she and her family were not scared off by the modesty being displayed at her soon to be neighbors house.

Turns out, she has a son a year younger than my kiddo and they have become fast friends.

Meg is a dancer in job and in life.  Her body and voice always fluent in motions and in words.

Even in her times of stress, she finds those kinds words to lift up a fellow human being and in my case, her friend.  We share many similarities and parallels of our life stories than one thought imaginable so I have certainly been touched by her presence in my life. Our conversations are never lacking .. just the time in which we have to share with each other.  Thanks Meg!

In short, I am thankful that Meg has a strong spirit to withstand nudity and that she offers up no judgements, just friendships.

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  1. Sharon (Post author)

    Thank you both for your comments and kindness! That’s why I call you gals my friends. 🙂

  2. Lisa McCully

    She seems like a wonderful neighbor, I know she had to have liked her images 🙂

  3. Meg Wall

    I’m totally honored! You are awesome! Thank goodness for good neighbors, little boys, and friendships!


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