Schools Out for Summer ….

The last day of school is always something kids look forward to celebrating. And now that my kiddo is older (remember, he had a birthday and is no longer to be considered a baby you know and the fact he watches Phineas and Ferb on a regular bases), he really is looking forward to the 100 days of summer {Mom… I know what I’m gonna do today}!

I quickly informed him that this is not Danville, Perry the Platypus did not live in our house and he was not getting one hundred days of summer.

Nonetheless, the last day of school was last Friday and to make it that much more special despite the steady pouring rain and drop in temperature with a high of only 69 degrees, we decided to go to the …  Columbus Zoo  The Memorial Golf Tournament  Old Man’s Cave (our 2nd attempt) Franklin Park Conservatory !! Yes! But first, there was lunch at Panera’s. 

Following lunch, we headed across town to our first stop of the Conservatory; the Pacific Island Water Garden (and Butterfly Exhibit).

Of course I was hopeful there would be zillions of pictures to snap the afternoon away with my kiddo in this awesome backdrop of scenic flowers, and butterflies.  But that is not exactly how the afternoon went.  First there was the “walk away” shot.

Then there was the “Really?” look picture.

So then I tried the decoy. {Pretend I am not taking a picture of him but rather I was capturing the action shot}.  The shot of my kiddo trying to get a butterfly to land on his head.  OK, so I get that is probably not the most action packed event, but I was working it.

So, after three hours ten minutes of that, I had all the action I could take and switched to actually shooting something that didn’t mind having their pictures taken, butterflies!

I even took a picture or two of some Chihuly Glass (again more action).

I was still trying to work my magic and get some great images of my kiddo on our last day of school adventure.  Then success!  I was finally able to get this shot of him smiling.

(see… you can tell he is smiling, but I never said he was looking at the camera).  And then finally my last and final shot…

I think… where did he go. Oh, yes, there he is in the White.  So, overall, it really was a grand day!  I think we may go back.



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  1. Kelly

    I want to go see the butterflies as well, your pics look like it was a lot of fun! Great job capturing the everyday and all those little moments that make the memories.

    1. Sharon (Post author)

      Thanks for stopping by Kelly! And yes, if ever in town, you should certainly check out the Butterflies! ~Sharon

  2. Lisa

    LOLOLOL!! the last picture is hilarious and I have seen that before here with Ky!! The butterflies look happy to have their pictures taken though! Glad it was a good day!


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