It is all about … LOVE

I had heard the saying long ago that what is not an expression of love is an expression of fear.  How true I felt that was, then and now!  Think about it.  When someone is being kind or caring or displaying some level of affection (whether it be holding the door for you, helping you pick up papers blowing in the wind or maybe just a soft smile) towards you, it makes our heart soft. This is a true sign of Love.

Now think about a time when someone has not shown you some sort of affection or caring.  For example, not letting you over when trying to change lanes, or yelling obscenities at you when checking out in the express lane with sixteen items (and four of which are the exact same item). It would be easy to say these people are acting in anger or maybe they just hate the world and everyone in it.

But that cannot be the case every time for everyone we encounter in our lives.  Though I hate to admit it, there was a time long long ago (and just once mind you) that I might have said a few obscenities (under my breath of course) at the lady in front of me at the checkout with eighteen items in the express lane and not one of them was the same.  But when I finally learned to take a step back, I soon realized not everything is as it seems.

Maybe she was not trying to hurt me as a person; maybe she was not trying to make me mad, or maybe, just maybe it was not about me at all.  Maybe, it was all about LOVE.

Maybe she was is in a hurry because she is on her way to the hospital to say goodbye to her dying mother, or maybe she already just said goodbye to her dying mother and is trying to hold it together in the checkout lane.

Either way, her fear of losing her mother, or being alone or whatever the case maybe is most likely keeping her from showing me and you and everyone else around her …that it really is all about LOVE.

So remember, in the end… it really is all about each of us just wanted to feel and be loved!

(((hug someone today)))

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