Chop Liver ….

This week is all about Camp Grandma.  It is the week between the last day of true summer camp and the first day of school.  And being that I still need to work this entire week, the distress call to my parents was placed.  S.O.S

And they came through on request.  According to my kiddo, I could have just dropped him off Sunday night via fly over chopper (no need to say our goodbyes or show any signs of PDA) and can be picked up again at Christmas.  And let’s be clear, my kiddo has filed a 100 mile radius clause that strictly prohibits me from being anywhere close to grandma’s house and I must place a pre-warning phone call when I am on my way to pick him up (yes, he loves his Grandma and Grandpa).

But the reality of it, is that I will be taking and picking him up daily.  Except for Tuesday night that is.  It is his one and only sleep over during the week at Camp Grandmas.


I gave the warning call Wednesday after leaving the office that I was on my way and that in T minus twenty minutes, his fantasy land adventure would be over for the day.  Surprisingly, I was greeted warmly by a hovering and clingy kiddo.  They had been to the dollar store earlier in the day and was riddled with cheap and useless trinkets.  One of which included a set of plastic hand-cuffs.

While sitting on my lap, I went in for the K.I.S.S. and was quickly shot down.  Not only did he spring from my lap, but he also stated … “Ma’am, them there kisses are illegal in these here parts of Oh -Hi -Yo.  I will have to arrest you and handcuff you ma’am if you try that again”.  Only for five minutes later while we were saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa, my mother was smooching all over him. He looks at me and replies “except for Grandmas, ma’am”.

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