Blessings on Thanksgiving Day

Today, social media was filled with people speaking of their blessings, giving thanks, kissing their loved ones, praying to make it though the day, eating Turkey dinners with all the trimmings, watching football and spending time with people they love.

Sharon Woods Metro Park|Sharon the Moments blog

But no matter the manner or style for which we say grace, acknowledge the things we are thankful, or how we choose to spend the day, the common desire we all have is love and celebrating family traditions.  So no matter what our day of giving thanks look like or who we call family, the people important in your life will help you set your family traditions. My family is no exception.

There was no extended family members over, no turkey dinner in the oven, no cheering on football.  Rather, it was the greatest day of starting new family traditions.  We slept in, stayed in our PJs most of the morning, rocked out to the Macy’s Day parade, ate french toast and cinnamon rolls, sipped coffee, chatted with neighbors, played golf on the Wii, ate roasted chicken, walked at a local park enjoying the last of the warm weather.  Then finished it up by snuggling with my kiddo watching a sappy Hallmark movie.

Sharon Woods Metro Park|Sharon the Moments blog

So regardless of the lack of old traditions and the start of new, I have been blessed with so much including a super awesome kiddo that brings joy and laughter and resolve to my life every single day! In the words of my kiddo, “This was the best day ever!”. Amen!

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