How Animals Have Baby Animals … Part One

Me and my kiddo: Driving to school all while listening to a Columbus Zoo commercial about their new hunka hunka burning love Nanuq (the male stud Polar bear) on loan. {Commercial talking about the hope for new baby polar bears while Nanuq is on loan}.

Kiddo: Mom, do animals get married?

Me {thinking in my head}: Ah oh… I know where this is headed.

Me {out loud}: No kiddo.  Animals don’t get married.

Kiddo: Then how do they have babies? {At least I know he is listening when I say you must first be in your thirties, have a college degree AND be married before you can have babies}.

Me: Animals don’t need to be married to have baby animals honey.  They can just have babies anytime.

Kiddo: How do they get babies?

Me {thinking in my head}: Man this is the longest five-minute ride to school ever!

Me (out loud): It is called mating.  When animals mate, they will have babies.

Kiddo: What is mating?

Me: You will learn all about mating when you are in 4th grade.

Kiddo: Why not now when I am in 2nd grade?

Me: Because you have math, and reading, and writing, and soccer, and lots of other stuff to learn in 2nd grade.

Me and my Kiddo: Finally pulling into the school parking lot and not a second to soon!

Laughing Smiling Kiddo|Sharon the Moments blog

To be continued in two years ….

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