My List of Thirteen Life Fullfilling Things for Twenty Thirteen

For most people, the month of January means a fresh start (a very cold midwest living fresh start).  To me, it means a free pass to resolve my past, wish for my future and live in the present.  It means perfection with age!

January usually also means we get to create new lists.  Lists that provoke us to be better persons and lists to promote better things accompany our lives.

And I have done just that,  … I created a list of thirteen things to provoke me to do better and fulfill my life in the next three-hundred sixty-five days.

My list has thirteen items, not because it an unlucky number, but because this is 20-thirteen after all!!   So let’s get this party started.

I choose and promise to:

1.  Laugh more and laugh often.

2.  Travel for a vacation out-of-state.

3.  Attend several art/photographic exhibit galleries (inspirational and character building).

4.  Read at least one book a month (can be on any topic… hobby related or smutty classy romance novel).  And yes, smutty can be classy for those asking. 🙂

5.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Day Lillies in Ohio|Sharon the Moments blog

6.  Attend at least one blog conference.

7.  Modify perspective for photographic beauty.  If I like it, then picture is worth taking.

8.  Volunteer (give back).

9.  Sing louder at church (I apologize now if you will be sitting near me at Mass).

10.  Learn to love black beans and rice (no guarantees on this one, but worth a shot).

11.  Smile at strangers … just because.

12.  Increase my exercise regiments.

13.  See a movie (in a theater) that is over a G rating (without kiddo of course).

Sharon Woods Metro Park|Sharon the Moments blog

Now is as a good a time as any to create your list…What do you dream?

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  1. Lisa McCully

    Love your list!! I love laughing so that’s a keeper and well the ‘smutty’ sounds good too, LOLOL!! I have to ask why ‘black bean soup’?? I am not a fan of bean soup but I love black eyed peas 🙂

    1. Sharon (Post author)

      LOL. Lisa I totally got the laugh often from you. I always think back to STL and the laughing picture. too funny. Black beans becuase they really are so good for you and chalk full of vitamins and iron and all that other stuff. Trying to put more good food in my body for the new year. Any good book ideas??

  2. kim

    #2 & #6 – Come to Texas for BlissDom (in March)


    1. Sharon (Post author)

      LOL Kim!! I was kinda thinking the same thing. Plus it would be great to see you again too. Hope your new year is going good. ~Sharon

  3. Boy Mom Blog

    Hello! Visiting from the blog hop! LOVE your pictures! We have some items in common – like reading 1 book per month and attending a blog conference (I’m already signed up for the Type A Conference)… I also want to write a script :-0 I’m curious about you wanting to love black beans and rice?

    1. Sharon (Post author)

      Hi! Thanks for visiting. I heard good things about the Type A conference. I am planning on attending the Bloggy Con in Cincinnati OH in September. Let me know what books are on your list. I would love to share books reads. The black beans and rice are to inprove my health and dietary foods. I know black beans are great source of fiber and protein and are very good for you. I do like white rice but not together. I will certainly stop by your site and say hello! Thanks again for saying hello!


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