Nighttime Kisses

Just the other night, my kiddo made the reading mile stone called the 100-point wall.  For every book read and quiz taken, points are earned and tallied each school year.  It is an awesome feat and one of which I am so proud.

So proud that I attempted to give him lots of kisses and hugs a few nights ago.  And in typical boy fashion, he ditched every kiss tossed his way.  I thought I would one up him when I said “Well, what you don’t know kiddo is that while you are asleep, I give you lots and lots of kisses”.

Nighttime Kisses|Sharon the Moments blog

Then he said “Well what you don’t know mom is that while I am asleep, I fart lots and lots”.

{I just love that stinky farty kid}

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  1. Lynn Bayless

    That is so funny! Love it. When Nathan was younger he used to wipe my kisses off. I told him for every kiss he wiped off I was going to give him 100 more. It’s funny how he would make sure I saw him wipe them off!

    1. Sharon (Post author)

      LOL Lynn! What is it wiht boys and their mom kisses? I will nenver stop trying. ~Sharon


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