Spring Forward for Day Lillies

For those that live in a region that observe Daylight Savings, you know that when we “fall back”, usually there are no complaints when we get twenty-five hours in a day even if just for a day.  But, that one extra hour is just a gift from tonight when we will spring forward and will only get a day of twenty-three hours.

However, with springing forward also comes the realization that spring {yes I said it} is within reach!!

Spring Forward for Day Lillies|Sharon the Moments blog

And spring, every spring, my day lilies come to life and bloom. Enjoy!

{sweet sigh … love}


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  1. Stacee

    Beautiful picture Sharon. I dread the “Spring Forward” part of daylight savings. I know I will be tired all week.

    1. Sharon (Post author)

      LOL Stacee! I enjoy the sun light in the evening but man is it ever hard to get up on Monday morning! Thanks. ~Sharon


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