Monday Monday Spring Downtown Columbus

Hello Monday!  Hard to believe that you are back, seems like just yesterday I was saying hello to your Cousin Tuesday.  But nonetheless, I am glad you are here and with a sunny smile and blooming flowers.

Welcome to this week’s Monday Monday Spring!

Monday Monday Spring Downtown Columbus Scioto Mile|Sharon the Moments blog

On this particular day, I found myself needing to get some fresh air, but the sky was still looking a bit chilly.  I ventured outside despite the appearance and was glad I did, not only was I happy about the fresh air, but I came across this blooming tree in all its color.

I have continued on my photographic journey this past week; looking for fun and exciting images to photograph.

Monday Monday Spring Downtown Columbus Santa Maria Scioto Mile|Sharon the Moments blog

I have continued to challenge myself to look for beauty in all things; to look up and to look down, to look through and to look across.  To just look, and I did just that in this image that I just love with the Santa Maria replica in the background.

Monday Monday Spring Downtown Columbus Scioto Mile|Sharon the Moments blog

I will say that one good thing about having lots of cloud cover and a deep chill in the air is this usually makes for great photographs. 🙂

I have been pushing myself outside my comfort zone and sometimes that is enough to makes ones creatively dry up.   I think the main concept for my Monday Monday Spring series is to remember this is about learning, and about having fun with it! {I continue with this portion of the personal challenge}.

I’ve learned that letting go of the limits and the rules allows for whatever is to occur to show itself.

And I think this is exactly what happened here. Just seeing I had seen this.

Monday Monday Spring Downtown Columbus Scioto Mile|Sharon the Moments blog

In light of all that has happened this week in Boston, I am reminded that we need to live for the day, to live for the moment and simply Share in those Moments … just Sharon the Moments.

Monday Monday Spring Photo Series is all about sharing my images taken this spring season.  With winter behind us and excitement of looking forward to the warmer weather, I hope to step up my game, to look further than the naked eye {see life through the lens of my camera by changing perspective}, to share my visions of spring as I see it, hopefully to inspire you and most importantly I hope to just have fun with it.  Thanks. ©



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  1. Lindsay

    Love it!

    1. Sharon (Post author)

      Thanks Lindsay!!


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