iPhoneography Picture Series

Welcome to my newest series of blog posts for iPhoneography.  Now that Spring is behind us (and thus the Monday Monday Spring Series), I wanted to start a blog post series that would not be seasonal yet I would still be able to share some of my photos.

Today, seems the iPhone can be seen everywhere with the young pre-teens as well as the more mature population.  And one of the endless apps for the iPhone is the ability to take pretty nice pictures and so the birth of iPhoteography.

I use the Camera+ app and do all of my editing and cropping within this app,and I love it!  My iPhoneography images are meant to be quick and simply and on their own tell a story or have some sort of meaning (if even just for myself).  It really is more about my imagination and snapping images that I wouldn’t necessarily shoot with my SLR or even my P & S camera. I also love the ability to crop my images using the square.

Cloud Art in Columbus Ohio|Sharon the Moments blog

I love clouds and cloud art.  As you will see with many of my iPhoneographs, I tend to take lots of pictures of the clouds … at dawn, at sunset, on rainy days and just whenever I think the clouds are pretty.

Cloud Art and Sunset in Columbus Ohio|Sharon the Moments blog

And especially when the jets make those really cool white lines in the sky.

Cloud Art and Sunset in Columbus Ohio|Sharon the Moments blog

Hope you enjoy my iPhoneography as much as I do.  Also be sure to check out my iPhone images on Instagram (SharontheMoments) for more great iPhone pictures.

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