iPhoneography Tuesday is Monday Week

I always love 3-day weekends but returning to work on a Tuesday is difficult.

Don’t get me wrong, working a four-day week is awesome except for the fact I am always a day behind thinking that today is Monday. So I thought a bouquet of flowers would be the perfect fit!

iPhoneography Tuesday is Monday Week|Sharon the Moments blog


And so would an image of a Starbucks sign.  OK, so maybe not but seems I need some coffee at the moment!

iPhoneography Tuesday is Monday Week Starbucks|Sharon the Moments blog

Or how about some cute kiddo playing a little putt putt golf. Now that will put a smile on just about everyone’s face.

iPhoneography Tuesday is Monday Week Putt Putt Golf|Sharon the Moments blog

Happy Tuesday after Labor Day!

My iPhoneography series is meant to be quick and simply iPhone images that on their own tell a story or have some sort of meaning.  It really is more about my imagination and randomness of in the moment.  Enjoy! Thanks. ©SharontheMoments.com

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