Eight Weeks of Christmas … Week One

For this Week One of the Eight Weeks of Christmas, it is important to remember this time of year should not be filled with stress, chaos or sadness.  Instead we should focus on the good tidings that have filled our lives.  For week one, my kiddo and I wanted to make some homemade baked treats for an unsuspecting neighbor.

Often, we look to our neighbors for help when something goes wrong with our home, or maybe we ask favors of our neighbors such as checking our home when going away for the weekend, or maybe they just simply cleared your sidewalk of snow before you arrived home from work.

Eight Weeks of Christmas ... Week One |Sharon the Moments Blog

Friend and Neighbor, Kay


Sometimes sitting on our front porches talking with our neighbors as our children play, is just plain enjoyable and a great stress relief.

Maybe you too will agree that some neighbors are more than just neighbors.  And maybe you will also agree that we often consider them friends where we just simply enjoy their company.

So whatever the reason we engage with our neighbors, this week, my kiddo and I let Kay know we appreciate and value her!   


The Eight Weeks of Christmas is not about spending a lot of money nor creating more stress for you or your family.  Rather this is about enjoying each week leading up to Christmas, spending time together with people you care about and making memories for a lifetime.

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