Eight Weeks of Christmas …

Our Elf on the Shelf Reading While Sitting Under the Christmas Tree|Sharon the Moments blog

I love the first of November.  For me, it means all Ghosts and Goblins have left, the campaign advertisements have ceased and the Sugarplums are beginning to stir (soon to be dancing) in our heads.

November means the month of giving thanks and counting our blessings.

Christmas Elf on the Shelf Chrissy|Sharon the Moments blog

Eight Weeks of Christmas


There will soon be Christmas music consuming the radio waves, our children will begin practicing their songs for the annual school play, there will be many baked treats adorning the isles in the workplace,  Elves will be making their way to into our home creating chaos and getting into mischief, and there will be tasty cooked fowl served for dinners across the land.

Eight Weeks of Christmas|Sharon the Moments Blog

Eight Weeks of Christmas


We will be making our wish lists for Santa as we scroll each page of the toy catalogs for this year’s best gifts.

This year, I am hoping that my family can inspire you and your family and friends to enjoy these Eight Weeks of Christmas

The Eight Weeks of Christmas is not about spending a lot of money nor creating more stress for you or your family.  Rather this is about enjoying each week leading up to Christmas, spending time together with people you care about and making memories for a lifetime.

Family Fun at the Columbus Zoo Winter Wildlights|Sharon the Moments blog

Eight Weeks of Christmas

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