Our Shoreline SNUBA Experience in Kaanapali Beach in Maui Hawaii

My family and I just recently returned from a ten-day vacation to the Hawaii Island of Maui.  We had been planning this trip for several years as a way to celebrate our birthdays.  Knowing we were going to be vacationing on one of the most beautiful states, we hoped to see as much of the island as possible.  With its award-winning beaches and beautiful tropical weather, we were also looking forward to spending time on the water as well.

Our Shoreline SNUBA Experience in Kaanapali Beach in Maui Hawaii |Sharon the Moments Blog



I have always heard talk of the great snorkeling in Maui, however, I was concerned it wouldn’t be possible for me due to my Kinetosis (motion sickness).  That is when I discovered something called Shoreline SNUBA.

{Snuba is a form of surface-supplied diving in which an underwater breathing system developed by Snuba International is used. The word Snuba is when a portmanteau of “snorkel” and “scuba”. The swimmer uses swimfins, a diving mask, weights, and diving regulator as in scuba diving}.

Yes, that’s right .. I said Shoreline SNUBA.  The shoreline means I didn’t need to board a boat in order to experience sea life, thus taking a risk of suffering seasickness and only witnessing the earth’s rotation and turning green.

I could literally walk into the water from the shoreline!

One word …. Brilliant!

Our Shoreline SNUBA Experience in Kaanapali Beach in Maui Hawaii \Sharon the Moments Blog

Shoreline SNUBA Maui


We signed up for an afternoon session through the SNUBA off the Beach location in Kaanapali Beach at the Marriott Ocean Club.  The great thing about Shoreline SNUBA are the many locations along Kaanapali Beach to sign up, accommodating many guest staying in the area.

Each SNUBA guide (in SCUBA gear) can take up to six persons (three rafts with two persons each) per each SNUBA dive session.  The pricing package has the biggest saving when there are six persons, however, for the same price as other snorkeling/boat adventures in Maui, my son and I had our own private SNUBA tour of the Kaanapali Beach Reef.  Please refer to their website for pricing details.

In addition, with Shoreline SNUBA, the package includes the SNUBA dive itself, a photo CD, and the rental of the fashionable wetsuit and a pair of very trendy goggles.  Did I mention that SNUBA diving makes for a great hair day too? (That’s complimentary ladies).

Our Shoreline SNUBA Experience in Kaanapali Beach in Maui Hawaii \Sharon the Moments Blog

Our Awesome Shoreline SNUBA Guide Aaron Griffith


Aaron, our guide, was awesome!  I was beyond impressed with his demeanor and politeness and his display of great patience.  I still had some apprehension about the SNUBA dive, but Aaron was able to ensure we were safe and that we were comfortable going forward.

The first twenty minutes or so were spent filling out paperwork and reviewing the rules of SNUBA diving, learning underwater hand signals to communicate and getting fitted into our fashionable wet suits.  Once we were all suited up, we were ready to rock and roll.

The hardest part of the SNUBA dive was getting across the hot sandy beach, carrying our fins and getting the raft in the water.  Aaron was also a great help to us as we were heading out to sea, putting on our fins; once again reassuring us, checking the gear, and simply sharing a smile.  We wadded into the water then drifted out with the tide about thirty yards or so… and then it began.

I began to think twice about my decision … what was I thinking?  Who in their right mind voluntarily agrees to get in the ocean; an ocean full of sharks and octopuses  and the Lock Ness Monster?   (Yea.  That’s right. I said Lock Ness Monster).  Who knew what was lurking in the waters?  The water was splashing in my face and the waves were rocking my world.

I looked at Aaron and thought to myself “I got this.  It will be OK.  I will be OK.  I will be OK because Aaron has our backs”.  It was the first time I have instinctively trusted a stranger with my and my sons safety.  I placed my face in the water like a baby learning to swim for the first time.  I was able to relax and finally let go of the raft and then well … I was SNUBA diving!

Then just like that, we were experiencing the calm, the tranquil, the beautiful sea life first hand.  Something I never considered possible.  We spent about an hour under water when it was time to come back ashore.  But not without the incredible experience provided by our guide Aaron Griffith and Shoreline SNUBA.

If you too are considering Maui as a tropical destination to visit, with the sun, sand, surf and sea life; I recommend checking out Shoreline SNUBA and recommend you request Aaron as your guide.

I extend my sincerest gratitude to Aaron for providing my family lasting memories of our time spent in Maui.   Mahalo!

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