5 Ways to Improve your Health and Life

With summer just around the corner, it is my goal to improve my health and lifestyle.  In that attempt, I have shared 5 ways to help improve your health and life so that summer is much more enjoyable.  Like most people my age, I too struggle with my weight; seems as I get older, my body slow down and likes to store everything.  There are days I believe that any food I look at, think about or touch goes directly to my hips.  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired thus I decided to give these five life changes a go…

5 Ways to help improve your Health and Life || Sharon the Moments Blog

5 Ways to help improve your Health and Life || Sharon the Moments Blog


  1. Ditch the scale!  Through out my struggles of ebb and flow, I have seen every dietician, nutritionist, life coach and read thousands of Pinterest articles about ways I can improve my health and loss weight.  Through all this, one thing I have learned is not living by the number on the scale.  This number always derails me from my goal and my focus.  I’ve learned it is not about the number but rather my feeling. While getting a starting weight may be helpful to some, my goal is to go down in my dress size despite what the scale indicates.
  2. Exercise! Yep, you heard me right.  I have learned that sitting (for long extended periods of time) is the new smoking.  It does a body bad to not get up and move at least every hour.  My job entails me sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day so I love how my Fitbit reminds me to get up and take at least 250 steps every hour!
  3. Food Choices!  Wow, this was the hardest part for me. I didn’t like reading about how some of my favorite foods were not good for me. I felt like to make this decision, I was never ever going to have a cupcake, a brownie, a French fry or pizza in my entire life.  Ok, that seems harsh but knowing that if I agreed to that I would just be setting myself up for failure.  What I did learn though is every thing in moderation.  Once in a while, a sweet well deserved treat is nice to have.  On my birthday, I was going to eat that piece of cake and at Christmas have that yummy piece of pie.
  4. Give up Sugar!  This goes along with the food choices above but is a little more strict.  Realizing that sugar is a huge addiction of mine, this is my biggest struggle.  Every day… every hour of every day I am confronted with some form of sugar in the form of a snack or treat.  I have given up soda years ago but it is the candy and all the processed foods and condiments that are loaded with added sugars.
  5. Making time for Me!  No one can make me do any of the things that get me healthy but me.  If I really want to live the best life I possible, then I need to make a promise to myself first.  Sometimes that means saying no to others and maybe even letting others down.  I am my boss and I take this job seriously.

Follow along with me in my journey to a better life and improved health.


Disclaimer: I am not a health care professional, dietician or a fitness expert nor do I provide any medical advise in these areas.  I am merely providing what has worked for me in relation to food, diet and exercise.  This site is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness.  Please seek a licensed medical provider for your own health and fitness needs.


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