Mod Pizza for Lunch Your Way

Who doesn’t love a good pizza every now and again?  If you and your family are anything like mine, we cannot agree on the pizza toppings.  Half pepperoni, no spicy meat, more veggies, less cheese, no pineapple … sound familiar?  This is our struggle when it comes time to order.  That is until I discovered Mod Pizza.  Founded in 2008 by a husband and wife duo from Seattle, they wanted a better way of doing pizza and thus started this quick, affordable, wholesome restaurant.  Thinking there was not a need for another pizza joint, they wanted this to be different. What if everyone could get exactly what they wanted, made fresh on demand, for as little as possible? I say count me in.

Wow… Can I just say Wow?!  I love this place and seems so does everyone else.  No matter the time of day, there is always a line of people waiting on their own personal creation to come from the brick oven.  Serving Individual, artisan-style pizzas, salads and more, gone is the day of what to have on your pizza.

I love how I can go through the line and pick my own topping for my personal pizza.  Everyday can be something new or I can choose from the pre-defined menu for when I am decision challenged.  But the great thing about whatever I order, is that any toppings I choose, the price is the same.  I love their slogan … Simple Menu, Endless Options.

This restaurant is clean, spacious (even has an outdoor patio seating area), and has a “mod”ern feel.  Most of the time, I am getting my lunch to go, but also enjoy sitting down with friends and family when time allows.  I also love the old-fashioned bottled drinks, like when I was a kid or kicking back with a beer with your pizza.  Enjoying a frosty cream soda or root beer in a tinted bottle to go with my pizza is very refreshing, even a bit nostalgic.

This time around, I decided on the red sauce, pepperoni, artichokes, black olives and jalapenos pizza.   One word: Delicious! 

So, when you find yourself in the debacle of what to order on your pizza, give Mod pizza a try.  There is something for everyone!


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