Favorite Photo Friday … The Next Chapter High School

07.05.2019 || This week’s Favorite Photo Friday is all about the next chapter, high school.

My kiddo recently graduated the 8th grade in the only school he has known since Kindergarten; such a bitter sweet for both of us.  The memories and friends made will last us a lifetime yet the sadness of saying goodbye to this chapter in life was tough.  It is not the end and we both look forward to a new and exciting next chapter, High School.  This sunset followed the goodbyes, the hugs and the sweet smiles at just the right moment.  It was just one more reminder that everything will be OK as he moves forward in his next adventure. Tomorrow will be a new day indeed; Perfect ending to a most celebrated week.

Favorite Photo Friday is when I share an image that inspires me, that pushes the envelope, takes a look at a different perspective and just plain and simple, is one of my favorite photos.  Thanks. ©SharontheMoments.com

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