Favorite Photo Friday … Memories

07.10.2020 || This week’s Favorite Photo Friday is about Memories.

Memories are powerful yet remain untouchable; they take up residence in our mind and can come to life without warning. We cannot physical hold our memories nor can we simply discard them when we wish.

Memories are often thought of as pleasant and provide us with warm feelings when they come to life. They are at times provoked by a particular song or a scent that crosses our path or during a moment of silence we purposely call to action those memories.

Memories offer us the ability to recollect time, to relive the past and sometimes they can make us question our future. Memories have the ability to hold such power over us that they can define who we are and even who we will become.

Blendon Woods Metro Park, Westerville OH

Memories allow us the ability to time travel; their power can transport us to a particular location and spacial time that otherwise we cannot travel. Memories serve a purpose and should always be held with respect. Handle with care.

What do memories invoke for you?

Favorite Photo Friday is when I share an image that inspires me, that pushes the envelope, takes a look at a different perspective and just plain and simple, is one of my favorite photos.  Thanks. ©SharontheMoments.com

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