Autumn View Quilt

With the weather changing and Autumn right around the corner, I was excited when the Quilter call to tell me my Autumn View Quilt was ready for me. I actually purchased the panel Birds and Birch last Summer while visiting Holland MI.

I didn’t particularly like Panels in my quilts; it was probably because I used to think it was cheating. However, when I had seen this panel hanging in the fabric store in Holland, I knew I had to have it and that I would make an exception to my quilting beliefs.

My favorite season is Autumn and this image silently screamed fall and all the vivid colors of the season. I wasnt exactly sure how I was going to turn this panel into a Quilt I would love but I knew I wanted something awesome for a border that didn’t want the border to take away from the panel. I searched through my favorite visual inspiration; Pinterest.

There were so many great ideas for creating borders when using a Panel; thoughts and ideas continued in my mind. I looked through my fabric stash and found several fabrics that were a perfect match to several colors in the panel. I especially love the royal blue of the birds. It was subtle yet vibrant. I decided on a checkerboard style; changing the colors as movement around the panel. I drew out my vision and then began to cut.

I cut and I planned and I created, putting my vision into motion.

Working through the sides and measuring was a slow process but I was falling in love with this Quilt. Needless to say, I have opened my views and my eyes about quilting with Panels and I no longer think this is cheating. Once I had the checkerboard border, I decided I wanted to set the image off to the side. So I added a white border that was larger on both the top and the right side.

This baby was ready for the Quilters. I decided on a subtle oak leaf quilting design pattern. Once home, I began adding the binding so that I could finally enjoy wrapping up in this beautiful Autumn View (Panel) Quilt.

And she is finished!

Autumn View Quilt || Sharon the Moments Blog

Sew on and Sharon the Moments. Happy Quilting.

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