02.08.2013 | Favorite Photo Friday ™ It’s time for another installment of the Favorite Photo Friday. {And since I missed Favorite Photo Friday last week} you will get a double installment.  Can I get a Hip Hip Hooray?

I found this image from last September.  My kiddo and his classmates were invited to sing at the Columbus Zoo for a Celebration.  It was a Saturday evening and the kids were the “entertainment”. We made our ways through the park on our way towards the Water’s Edge Area after closing.  While we were waiting for our cue that the kids were on, I wondered over to the edge of the area.  The sun setting and still warm upon my face.  I loved how the lines were elongated and the chill in the clouds were showing.

I grabbed my camera and snapped away.

Favorite Photo Friday Water's Edge Columbus Zoo|Sharon the Moments blog

Favorite Photo Friday ™ is when I share an image that inspires me, that pushes the envelope, takes a look at a different perspective and just plain and simple, is one of my favorite photos.  Thanks. ©SharontheMoments.com

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