Favorite Photo Friday ™ … Convergence

09.22.2023 || Favorite Photo Friday ™

Have you ever looked at a life event or thought about a past experience where things just sort of came together? Regardless of the planning and preparation, the starts aligned if you will and wondered what happened? Maybe thought about how crazy two worlds collided into perfect harmony and you did not play a part in the orchestrate it? Yea, me too.

I was recently making plans for a particular outing and had certain visions of {my} desired outcome; I had the best laid plans and intentions. When it was all said and done; the forces or powers to be or maybe just plain a Higher Power brought it all together in a manner that I was not expecting or even thought about? Yet, the outcome was greater than I could have imagined!

Convergence – When two or more things come together to form a new whole. The act of converging and especially moving toward union or uniformity.

Favorite Photo Friday || Sharon the Moments

Favorite Photo Friday ™ || An Image I took that inspires me, pushes the envelope, takes on a different perspective or just plain and simple, is one of my favorite photos. All images are the sole ownership of Sharon the Moments and cannot be copied or reproduced.

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