02.22.2013 || Favorite Photo Friday ™ Yea. It’s Friday! And and snow/ice day at that.  Always love those surprise 3-day weekends and even more so when they are productive (I’ve finally getting around to cleaning out the basement).

Anyhow, Fridays mean time for another installment of my Favorite Photo Friday.  {raise the roof}

And today’s photos are from the time I spent in San Francisco at Fisherman’s Wharf.  I was there to do a Shutterfly video on photobooks and stayed a few extra days to sight see.  There are lots to do from tour Alcatraz Island to walk along the pier and watch the sea lions.

This image was taken as I continued past the show-boating sea lions and toward the dock. I loved the absence of color except for the one boat that just sort of stood out against the others.

Favorite Photo Friday - San Francisco|Sharon the Moments blog

As I continued on further down the pier, I came across this bird that seemed to want me to take his picture.  He just waited and waited until I snapped a picture, then off he flew.

Favorite Photo Friday - San Francisco|Sharon the Moments blogThanks San Francisco for all the memories … 

Favorite Photo Friday ™  is when I share an image that inspires me, that pushes the envelope, takes a look at a different perspective and just plain and simple, is one of my favorite photos.  Thanks. ©SharontheMoments.com

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  1. I’d love to have help cleaning out my basement. I keep teilling the grandchildren that I not only will pay them, but they can have a garage sale and keep any money they make!

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