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12.15.2012 || Favorite Photo Friday ™ I had another image already picked out in my head for my Favorite Photo Friday post, when things quickly changed.  As most everyone watched the news unfold Friday of the Newtown, CT, Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shootings, I have been overcome with great sadness and unresolve about what our world is coming to.  I have been numb to all the media reports because to go there where no parent should ever be forced to go, is inconsolable.  For the few brief moments where I had a fraction of a millisecond thought about how those mothers and fathers felt, I quickly left that place in my head.

At this very moment in time, I will pray to my God for the strength and power for him to allow healing and peace to each family member and friend effected by this horrific tragedy. I will promise today and everyday tell my kiddo how over the top he is loved, I will hug and kiss him just because, and I will never take for tomorrow for granted.

Favorite Photo Friday For Newtown CT Sandy Hook Elementary School|Sharon the Moments blog

God Bless each angel today.

Favorite Photo Friday ™ is when I share an image that inspires me, that pushes the envelope, takes a look at a different perspective and just plain and simple, is one of my favorite photos.  Thanks. ©SharontheMoments.com

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