We Geocache. Do You Geocache? |Sharon the Moments Blog

Geocache you say?  What is Geocaching?

geocach•ing  (noun)   is a recreational activity of searching for and locating a hidden object (known as a Cache) using the coordinates of Global Positioning System (GPS) posted on a website.

In other words, family entertainment and outdoor adventures all while trying to find creatively hidden objects for the challenge of saying FOUND IT!

We Geocache. Do You Geocache?|Sharon the Moments Blog
Team GramFam’s first Geocache find!


Getting started with Geocaching and becoming a Geocacher is as easy as

  • Creating an account on the Geocaching website.
  • Seek a Cache location
  • Find the Cache
  • Sign the FOUND IT log!
  • Repeat


Geocaching can cost as little or as much as you and your family desire.  It just takes the desire to become a Geocacher … and with the help of a GPS tracking system, you are on your way.  Any GPS tacking device will work (cost run upwards of $100).   I chose to download the geocaching app on my iPhone for a one time fee of $10.

We Geocache. Do You Geocache?|Sharon the Moments Blog
Geacache supply samples

When creating an account for geocaching, you and your family will need to create a name for your “team” to be known by in the Geocaching world.   We are Team GramFam.

Next, I recommend you spend some time reading and understanding the different types of caches and their attributes.  There is the degree of difficulty (a quick grab, parking nearby, scuba equipment needed, etc.), various sizes from nano/really small pill bottle (or smaller) to the super large gallon size container.  Also there are different types of trinkets (a.k.a. Cache) to trade and most importantly signing the Found It log.

The following shows some of the icons for the attributes of each Geocache registered.

We Geocache. Do You Geocache?|Sharon the Moments Blog
Geocache Attributes examples

I recommend when first starting out, chose the geocaches that don’t require so much equipment and are easier permissions.  Once you get into the ease of geocaching, then maybe challenge yourselves with a little more difficult finds.

We Geocache. Do You Geocache?|Sharon the Moments Blog
Geocache Details

When viewing a specific geocache, the degree of difficulty, the level of terrain and the size will be displayed.  These are all great additional information when setting out on your quest to seek and find this cache.

My kiddo and I like to locate the less difficult caches.  Depending on the age of your family/team, you want to make geocaching fun and attainable so setting goals within your reach will help your geocaching skills as you improve.   We also like to buy inexpensive trinkets to leave behind in geocaches we find.  We love searching our local arts and crafts store, Michaels as well as the Target $1 bins.  Keep in mind the smaller the trinket the better since you won’t always know the exact size of the cache.

We like to keep a “Geocache” bag in the trunk of our car with supplies.  It contains various trinkets to trade, a pen and pencil, a flashlight for those harder to find, bug spray and small zip lock baggies in case the a geocache needs maintenance.

Did you know: There are over 2.5 million active geocaches and over 6 million geocachers worldwide?


Why not make it six million and one?

There really is something great about being about working together to follow hints and to say FOUND IT

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