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My family and I love walking the beach, especially when vacationing in Hilton Head.

This particular walk on the beach was extra special, not only because it was our last day here on Hilton Head Island but because we saw four Loggerhead Sea Turtle nests on the beach.


Loggerhead Turtles of Hilton Head Island|Sharon the Moments Blog
Loggerhead Turtles Nesting on Hilton Head Island

On this day, I am sorry to say we did not actually see the female turtles coming or going but knowing there will soon be baby turtles making their journey across the sandy beaches to the ocean was just as exciting.

Did you know  … the Loggerhead Turtle is a marine reptile and measures around thirty-five inches when fully grown and weigh on average three-hundred pounds?   These Turtles can be found in the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Indian Oceans and even the Mediterranean Sea.

Wow, what a beautiful sea creature!

Loggerhead Turtles of Hilton Head Island|Sharon the Moments Blog
Loggerhead Turtles Nesting on Hilton Head Island


Being a beach lover, reading about the conservation of the Loggerhead and the many posted signs about lights out on beach front property April to September, I knew that the Loggerhead turtles are endangered.

This is mainly due to their nesting areas being compromised.

Did you know that you can do your part in helping the Loggerhead turtle population by not disturbing their nests, by turning off beach front porch lights off from dusk to dawn during laying season and by cleaning up your area when leaving the beach (leaving nothing behind)?

As we continued our walk, we meet up with South Carolina DNR crew completing their rounds on the island.

Did you know the Loggerhead sea turtle is South Carolina’s state reptile?

They stated all thirteen miles of Hilton Head Island beaches are monitored daily; marking all the nests to protect the eggs.   There are one-hundred twenty-two nests on the island with an incubation period between 45 and 60 days.

If interested in learning more about the Loggerhead sea turtle or helping the conservation effort on the beaches of South Carolina, be sure to check out the Department of Natural Resources.

Lets insure the Loggerhead sea turtle is here for years to come …

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