North East Ohio Quilt Show

The summer months are a busy time for Quilters and Quilt Displays. The county and state fairs display creative arts items and the Quilts are no exception. This is the time of year, quilters get to showcase their hard work through out the year. As many quilters are inspired, Quilt Guilds also hold their annual Quilt Shows. This is a wonderful time for Vendors to display their goods and the latest fabric collections with all the tools and gadgets.

Quilts of Valor

Wooster’s Tree City Quilters Guild hosted their bi annual quilt show this past weekend in Wooster Ohio with over forty five vendors, classes and quilt exhibits. I always enjoy attending quilt shows because they always bring inspiration and provide encouragement for any level quilter. Not to mention, it is uplifting to see all the colorful, incredible and amazing quilting skills.

The last show the Guild held was in 2018 as the show was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. It was then, the show committee challenged the guild members to make a quilt using either the “America the Beautiful” theme or a Quilt of Valor in which the quilt would be awarded to a Veteran following the show during a dedicated program.

Many of the Quilts on display were created by the members of the Tree City Quilt Guild; I found it interesting to speak with several of their members and learned about the Quilts of Valor Project.

Honoring Our Patriots’ Service {HOPS}

It was then members of the guild created a committee to determine how to award the Quilts of Valor quilts and called this committee Honoring Our Patriots’ Service {HOPS}. The Wayne County Fair Board was in total support and provides a venue to make the awards. During this North East Quilt Show, the Quilts of Valor were on display along the top row of the building.

Information provided courtesy of Tree City Quilters Guild

If you are interested in making a quilt refer to the Fair Premium book Tenth Department, Section 117 here.

Quilt on and Sharon the Moments

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