Father’s day doesn’t represent the norm in our household.  Rather, being a single mother/family household, it was solely the idea of my kiddo to celebrate himself on the 3rd Sunday in June.  So despite mother nature, my mom, my kiddo and I decided to head out to celebrate the day self-dedicated to my son.  (remember, Mother nature had not played nice with us on Mother’s day and we were not about to let her rain on our parade today).  LOL

Our travel started out like any of our other road trip adventures … trying to get out the door on time at a reasonable time, have the car packed, with snacks, and drinks, with the cameras, not to mention our rain gear… was a feat.  Whew, but all items are a go.

Ok, now that we are ready to drive, we fire up the Rascal Flats CD – life is a highway and we roll down the interstate.  But what… we have tears??  Not on your own day kiddo.

Seems that since this is “kiddo” day, all things today (including any and all decisions to be made) shall be his and his alone.  And as the boy in charge would have it, the first order of business is a McDonald’s toy.  With the promise that the first McDs we see, we will stop …. well, umm, four McDonald restaurants later the frown was not getting any better.

I make promises, I offer up my next of kin and I even resort to cold hard cash.  Finally we reach an agreement for tim bits and again… we are off only closer to our destination.

Our sights are set for the Hocking Hills State Park, more specifically Old Mans Cave; located in the South Eastern park of the state. So, with only about a ninety minute drive tops, we hope to arrive just as the rain is clearing, making for a great Kodak Moments day.

I remember visiting the Cave’s when I was my kiddo’s age.   I had been a handful of times growing up but not since becoming a mom and was hopeful that my kiddo will enjoy the day of sight-seeing and walking the cave’s as much as I always had…

Welcome fellow travelers …

The rain had not yet given in to us so the first part of our day included sprinkles (and not the kind that goes with ice cream) and steady rain drops, and misty spray and dampness and more steady rain.  So, we decided first to walk the upper falls trail.

and then we walked the lower falls trail.  I will say that the rain (lack of bright sunshine made for some great photos though).

and walked to see Old Man’s cave (which is really not a cave).

And the sun began to peek through.

Just look at the mere size of the caves (as shown by the person standing on the lower left in the blue shorts).  And as the sun continued to peak through we continued with our walking.

And of course the day would not have been complete without a photograph of me and my kiddo together.

So, after several hours of walking, our hunger got the better of us and we soon found ourselves at the nearby BBQ place Millstone BBQ!

Yum.  So after an adventurous morning, a fulfilling lunch and the appearance of the sunshine, it was time to call it a day and head back north to home.  And what a great third Sunday in June!! Happy Kiddo Day.

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  1. Great pictures and great story….wish I could have gone with you! At least we spent Mother’s Day together. In the rain I might add. I got some amazing pictures from Ash Cave when I took Jordan down there! I love spending quality time with him….I know he won’t want to hang out with grandma much longer! However, I’m sure the memories will be long lasting for him….

  2. Thanks for sharing this awesome story of your visit to Hocking Hills State Park! Your incredible photos show that it really is one of the most scenic spots in the Midwest and the perfect place to celebrate “Kiddo Day” or any other holiday!


  3. That looks like so much fun. 🙂 We will have to take Nathan there when we finally make it out to visit someday.

  4. Loved the one with the water coming off the cliff and the color variation between the top and bottom

  5. What an incredible journey you are taking, the experiences and general thoughtfulness you provide your son will last lifelong. Beautiful family.

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