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Happy December! If you are like me, this month marks the beginning of the Christmas Season, counting our blessings and about paying it forward.

I think we all can attest that our lives are not perfect and we have all endured heartache and overcome challenges in our lifetime, some more than others.  Some people may still be experiencing those challenges today. Read about the Four Weeks of Christmas here.

A friend recently pointed out to me that people have their own stories; stories of where they are in life, stories of their struggles or hardships and it is not our place to make judgment on those untold stories. Rather, it is my hope that today and everyday we can all be mindful of our untold stories and those stories of persons we have yet to meet and simply Pay if Forward.

Sometimes paying if forward could simply mean covering the cost of the coffee for the customer behind you in line at the local cafe. But maybe, just maybe we all dig just a little deeper and go big; or bigger.

Consider making a donation to your local food pantry; or homeless shelter. Maybe donate your time and talent to teach a craft to your church group. Or maybe it might be spending time with a neighbor that might enjoy having some company this Holiday Season. Whatever the gift, give from the heart and I promise good will come.

I offer hope to inspire you, your family and your friends to enjoy this Four Weeks of Christmas Series. It is not about spending a lot of money nor creating more stress for you or your family.  Rather this is about enjoying each week leading up to Christmas, spending time together with people you care about and making memories for a lifetime.

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