For this Week Two & Three of the Eight Weeks of Christmas, it remains important to remember this time of year should be filled laughter, peace and resolve.   This is the time we should remember to stay focused on the blessings that have come into our lives.

For week two & week three, my kiddo and I wanted to hand write letters to our family and friends.  In our crazy busy life we lead, time often escapes us and the moments where we tell our loved one just how much we,  well … love them all too often is missed!


Eight Weeks of Christmas ... Weeks Two & Three|Sharon the Moments Blog
Week Two & Three


We were crunched for time and being that this is not about adding any additional stress to the season, this year we decided to buy an eight pack of seasonal cards at the local Target and then add our own personal touch and message.

So whether you have some cards in your extras stash at home, make fresh new cards or buy some inexpensive cards the thought is the same … send a message of love to those you love.

The Eight Weeks of Christmas is not about spending a lot of money nor creating more stress for you or your family.  Rather this is about enjoying each week leading up to Christmas, spending time together with people you care about and making memories for a lifetime.

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