The month of May has always a special month for me. <Originally>, it was just the month I celebrate my birthday.

Then seven years ago in the month of May, I become a mother when my first and only child was born. Now, May is the month I also celebrate Mother’s day and my kiddo’s birthday. Man, do I ever love the month of May!!

And as luck would have it, my son’s spring soccer team was blessed with a ‘bye’ this Sunday May 13th… Yep that’s right, no soccer game on Mother’s day this year. Now the only thing left to do is figure out what we should do with our time.

My first thought was…. Maybe I can ask him if he was going to fix me breakfast in bed… To which he sat up in bed and with great strength and replied “Why would I fix you breakfast in bed when I don’t even know how to make my own breakfast?” I explain that it can be simple like poptarts and juice. Once again, his reaction was one of disbelief; still not understanding the need or the reason he should fix breakfast in bed for his mother on Mother’s day. So now that the breakfast idea is out the window, the idea of travel seems way more adventurous and likely to happen <since I am the one driver anyhow>.

Being that we will go somewhere close, liked the idea of a one tank of gas location. And looking at the map, I spotted Deer Creek State park. Lots of walking trails and wild life to see.

Another, one tank of gas adventure is the Ohio Caverns near West Liberty. Lots of exquisite crystal-white stalactite and stalagmite formations to see.

And yet another nearby attraction on a one tank of gas is Old Mans Cave. These historical caves have lots of walking and hiking trails…. and weather permitting, we might just have a picnic lunch too. Hmmm? With no breakfast in bed, we will be up early.

Stay tuned for the adventure follow up.

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