Spring soccer season that is. And as most sporting events go, there is practice <to get the rust out> several weeks prior to the first game of the season. Our 1st grade tigers are no different. There is lots of running, and more running,

and kicking

and well, umm, well not exactly sure what this is for but this really cannot feel that good.

Anyhow, in seasons past, my kiddo likes to kick the ball and slide in the grass in one full motion. We repeatedly have the conversation that when he kicks the ball, he must remain standing as he is no good to his teammates when he is lying on the ground and the ball is still in play.

Yesterday was the first spring soccer game of the season <go blue>. While driving to the game, I used the time effectively to talk about strategy … you know … the mom advise. Things like play nice fair… have fun, it is not about winning but about having fun… oh and yea … one more thing… Stay standing when kicking the ball! to which he replies “Mom, it is not about whether or not I make the goal, but how good I look while trying”. <Did I mention this is the first game of the season?>

So, yes, I think he is ready to take flight.

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