Our original plan of apple picking this weekend was canceled due to all the overnight rain.  So, looking for something to do in its place, we found the Lithopolis Honeyfest.  Just a short southeast drive from Columbus, we were there in a jiffy.

Not sure what to expect at the honeyfest, we found ourselves first at the wine tasting tent (I liked the sweet red myself).

Next up, a little beeswax candle shopping.

Continuing on our stroll through the festival, we then stumbled upon a tent with Bees (yes, real live bees) and bee keepers. I was all about the protective screen tent between me and all those thousands of bees.  Afterall, those bee keepers were wearing their protective gear. Looking like a demonstration was about to start, we found a seat and waited.

Maybe they were going to talk about all the great things bees do; like pollinate our flowers or the fact they make great honey.  Or maybe it was just gonna be a bee rodeo.  Whatever the show, the crowd was getting bigger by the moment.

The excitement was building…and then it happened.  One man standing inside the bee tent took his shirt off.  {Does he know he is standing inside the tent with thousands of bees?}  Surely his bee keeper friends would tell him.

Yet, his friends do not seem to be paying much attention; they are too busy with the real live bees.  {I think even the shirtless man is pointing saying “Hey guys, I think these bees are alive in here”.

And then his friends did the unthinkable, yes, the unthinkable!  They put real live bees on the shirtless man.  {Again, I am thankful the protective screen tent was there between the shirtless man and me}.  And the shirtless man proudly displayed his Honey Bee Beard. {Crazy}.

Whew.  Now that the Honey Bee Beard exhibition was over with, we continued on our stroll through the festival.  Next up was the Blacksmith.  We walked up just as he was making nails.

Was pretty neat to watch … really.  Heating the rod, then hammering it over and over, then cutting and then … well it is a nail.  And then he asked my kiddo if he would like to have that nail.  And well, my kiddo said “Sure. Thanks Mister!”

And so it was that we went to the HoneyFest and the souvenir my kiddo brought home {and was most proud} was the nail.

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  1. Yep, had a great time with you and Colby…..didn’t know that I was going to “bee” in one of those pictures!!!

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