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5 Things You Can Do for Earth Day

Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated to mark the anniversary of the environment movement created by Senator Gaylord Nelson. Every year on April 22nd, we honor the achievements of this movement and celebrate the importance of protecting Earth’s natural Resources for future generations.

This years Earth Day theme is Take Action. Be a part of the green revolution.

5 Things you can do to get involved with Earth Day ….

  • Collect / Pick up Litter. Whether walking at your local park or through your neighborhood; bring a trash bag (or two) with you and pick up litter while on your adventure. Be sure to then recycle the plastic you have collected as well. You can also join a clean up project in your area as well. To find a clean up project near you, click here.
  • Plant a tree. Not only do trees benefit local communities, increase habitat for species, and combat climate change they also filter the air and stave off the effects of climate change. For more ideas on planting a tree, click here.
  • Make an Act of Green. You can add reusable eating utensils to you lunch, or use reusable bags when visiting the grocery store to name a few. To learn more about how you can make a act of green, click here.
  • Recycle. Reduce and Reuse. Whether that be conserving energy in your home by turning off lights or adjusting the thermostat; walking to your desired location instead or driving, know that the smallest amount of change can still bring about change.
  • Support the pollinators. Bring native bees and other pollinating creatures to your garden by by selecting the right pollinator-friendly plants. To find plants that attract polluting bees or make a bee house, click here.

So if looking to get involved for the day or for a lifetime, change begins with the first step. Let’s Celebrate Earth Day together.

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