05.29.2023 || Special Installment of Favorite Photo {Friday}. As Memorial Day represents the beginning of Summer for so many of us; it is also a day to remember and memorialize the brave men and women that have served our country. I think back to our visit to Pearl Harbor Honolulu Hawaii. We were lucky to make the short ferry ride over to the U.S.S. Arizona to pay tribute to the many lives lost that day of infamy.

I also think about the lives lost in the Terrorist attack of the Twin Towers in New York City in 2001. Due to that attack on American soil, many Americans signed up to serve to maintain our freedom. I love this country and enjoy the Memorial Day parades and Cookouts like most of us. But this Memorial Day, please also remember to celebrate and pay tribute to the men and women of this great country that have sacrificed for our continued freedom.

Favorite Photo Friday ™ || An Image I took that inspires me, pushes the envelope, takes on a different perspective or just plain and simple, is one of my favorite photos. All Images are the sole ownership of Sharon the Moments and cannot be copied or reproduced.

Happy Memorial Day. Click on and Sharon the Moments.

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