As the month of December continues, I love the time I get to spend with my family. Being an empty nester, I have learned to enjoy being home without my teenager but always welcome the snippets of time I can steal to have moments with him. Now that the Fall Semester is over; he will be home for roughly 30-days of pure bliss. OK… maybe there will be a little getting used to having him back and join my perfected routine, but I welcome the time I get with him as he perfects the art of adulting.

It remains important to remember during this Christmas season to focus on the things we can control. If nothing else, laugh often and count the blessings.

I understand our crazy chaotic busy lives don’t always lend time to recognize and appreciate the small things, this is just a subtle reminder. Time often escapes us and the moments where we tell our loved ones just how much, well…. we love them is all too often missed.

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Ideas for family time that won’t break the bank:

Family Game Night – make dinner as a family and get out the board games

Check out the (free) local listing of Christmas Movies; or watch an old favorite cuddled on the couch

Drive your neighborhood to look at the Christmas Lights – listening to Christmas Music and drinking hot cocoa.

Go Caroling in your neighborhood or a local Nursing Facility / Assisted Living Center

Make holiday treats to share with friends and family

This weekend, we attended a Christmas Bowling Party filled with gutter balls, laughter and a few selfies.

Whatever the activity, enjoy the laughter, the chaos and the memories….

I offer hope to inspire you, your family and your friends to enjoy this Four Weeks of Christmas Series. It is not about spending a lot of money nor creating more stress for you or your family.  Rather this is about enjoying each week leading up to Christmas, spending time together with people you care about and making memories for a lifetime.

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