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Welcome back for another monthly installment of Showcase an Ohio Quilter. I though it would be fun and interesting to meet and greet some of Ohio Quilter’s; discover a little about them and what inspires them in their art of Quilting. Every month I will be showcasing a Quilter from Ohio. We will talk about how they got their start into quilting, share what they love the most about this art form and some of their moments they are most proud amongst other things. Please join me as we take a dive into the world of Quilting and learn more about some of the Quilting Women in Ohio.

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Ohio Quilter, Nancy Heath

Born and raised in Ohio
Degree in both Spanish & Elementary Education – Retired after 30 years of teaching
Has two sons, and two daughter-in-laws and one grandson
Taught Zentangle Classes
Sewing Machine of Choice: Bernina 750; Travels with her Janome
Competed in 3-day horseback riding events
Enjoys traveling around Ohio to visit new Quilt Shops

October 2023 – Showcase an Ohio Quilter

I first met Nancy four years ago at one of my first quilting retreats; I was a newbie to the Quilt Guild so just meeting people and getting to know them was a big part of my retreat experience. Nancy’s quilting station was near mine for the long weekend and so we began to talk about all things quilting. I watched her as she worked on her quilting; specifically I remember her focus and planning her quilt pieces as she placed them on her vision board. I loved how she intentionally built her quilt as she auditioned each block and fabric.

When did you start quilting (or sewing)?

In the early 1970s, Nancy made her first quilt with little to no formal training or experience. She stated she did not know much about the art of quilting other than reading the Foxfire book series. With her limited budget, she obtained left over clothing material scraps from her Sister-in-Law and purchased some fabric at her local Walmart in Nelsonville, Ohio. She stated her very first Quilt was pieced and was her very own idea, stating she “just did it”, using a bed sheet for the quilt backing. It has held up all these years and she was excited to show me the Quilt.

After making of her first quilt, Nancy moved back to Columbus Ohio. A new home in Victorian Village, her teaching career and general life activities put a pause on her Quilting journey. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s when she began to think about quilting as she got into all things Orchids. She connected with her neighbors that grew Orchids and she found herself immersed in her love for all things Orchids.

In 2005, Nancy began attending Orchid Shows. “It all stated with Orchids. It became a fun thing to do with my friends; thrifting to buy glassware, china, silverware, anything Orchid related to sell at the Orchid Shows”. She stated it was a period of “Orchid Galore”.

Where has your quilting / sewing journey taken you?

Around 2008, Nancy’s sewing journey grew. In addition to the all things Orchids, Nancy began making such handmade items as saddle covers, soup cozies, fleece socks, pillows and beaded bracelets to name a few. Her handmade crafts were sold at local consignment shops, kiosks the in local mall and at the Quarter Horse Congress Trade show. Nothing was off limits in her creative realm; including making and selling aprons and wall hangings. Nancy stated the fun part of fabric shopping was putting fabrics together; the matching of fabrics for her Aprons. In addition; for nearly ten years, Nancy even held what she named “Right at Home Sale” from the 1st floor of her home; selling a variety of her homemade crafts along with her friends.

As we continued talking about her sewing and quilting journey; I asked what inspires her. “I have to have a spark from something; a panel or a fabric square, or something tangible” as her jumping off point she stated as she also loves color and enjoys piecing her quilts.

What are you most proud of in Quilting?

“Gifting a quilt to my family for a wedding or baby” celebration. Nancy continued, “I like the idea of giving something of me going forward, something that will grow with the person(s); such as a baby quilt, then used on their 1st bed, and taken to college and then in their first home.” Nancy went on to say that “it is important the quilt speaks to the person. I like that they like them.”

Nancy stated she also looks forward to entering her quilts in her local Guild (to earn a ribbon) because the ribbons are home made; “They are very special and for my own self”.

October Showcase an Ohio Quilter || Sharon the Moments

Additional Fun Facts about Nancy …

Nancy has become friends with many a quilters through the various quilt guilds in which she belongs. It was through the King Avenue Quilters that Nancy met and became fast friends with a fellow Quilter, Luci. The pair in their new found friendship journeyed to China together. It was during this trip the two continued their love of crafting and quilting. During the day, they attended street fairs and flea markets to look for and purchase items to embellish their wall hangings. They purchased such things as fabric scraps, trim, buttons and thread. Then in the evenings, they spent their down time in the hotel hand sewing these small items they gathered during the day. Meanwhile, their friendship has continued to grow through the years as has Nancy’s enjoyment of the quilting genre.

While Nancy has maintained her membership in this current guild where I met her; she is also a member of another local Quilt Guild where she not only a member, she will be concluding her year long presidency this December 2023. When asked what she enjoys about the Guilds, she mentioned one highlight are the Retreats. “I like to getaway; see what other people are making. I like the uninterrupted {sew} time without the household responsibilities” she stated.

Nancy continues to be a creative inspiration to those around her with her keen eye and inventive thinking of the crafty world.

Showcase an Ohio Quilter is a monthly highlight of an Ohio Quilter where we will learn a little about their journey and their inspiration.

Quilt on and Sharon the Moments

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