My family and I recently took a short road trip to Cleveland, Ohio to visit the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Situated along the northern coast on Cuyahoga County on Lake Erie, it is just minutes from Downtown Cleveland. As we walked toward the entrance of the Hall of Fame, we passed the Ohio Historical Marker for the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll. It is only fitting the Historical marker is located right next to the Hall of Fame building.

The term Rock ‘n’ Roll was used by disk Jockey, Alan Freed to describe the up-tempo black rhythm and blues music he was playing on a Cleveland radio station beginning in 1951. It was this new genre of popular music that appealed to his listeners regardless of the 1950 American Racial boundaries. Freed’s hosted a nightly radio show titled “Moon Dog House Rock and Roll Party” that encouraged him to organize the first rock concert. This concert was held in the Cleveland Arena on March 21, 1952 which not only was a sell out, but beset a riot during the first set.

It is always fun and interesting to read and see all the Remarkable Ohio History.  To learn about all 1447 Remarkable Ohio Historical Marker sites, click here.

Sharon the Moments Blog || Remarkable Ohio Historical Marker #46-18

To learn more about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, and see our visit, read about it here.

Sharon the Moments Blog || Remarkable Ohio Historical Marker #46-18

So, whether you are a huge Ohio history buff or just want to learn more about our great state, be sure to stop and read the Remarkable Ohio Historical Markers as you pass by when traveling.

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